How To Etch A 2-Layer Copper Printed Circuit Board Using The UV Etching Method?

The basic concept of the UV etching method in creating a printed circuit board is to use ultraviolet light to soften and eliminate a substrate and use the retained substrate to shield the copper board from an acid bath.

In creating a two-layer copper circuit board, you need the following materials:

Copper (coated with positive UV resist substrate), Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) to dissolve the substrate coating, UV lamp, UV translucent plastic to weight down the PC during exposure, transparency sheets, and a small drill bit (.031).

Printed-Circuit-Board-AssemblyIn designing the printed circuit board, it is crucial to take note that vias is quite difficult to deal with, so it will be to your advantage if you try to minimize the use of it to your layout. Once you are done with the layout, you need to set up the PCB software so that it will only print the things you want in the copper board.

In preparing your board, you need to mark the parts where you will be cutting using a pair of calipers that are quite handy in etching precision marks in the protective sheet. Then, you need to cut the printed circuit board to its appropriate size. You can use tinsnips but a dremel tool will work fine.

It is crucial to mirror the top layer because you need the actual PCB to be as close as the diagram as possible. The diagram should be clear when showing which side goes towards the printed circuit board because it will have a matte finish.

Many technicians are a bit scared of creating 2-layer printed circuit boards because these are quite difficult to line up the two layers. However, this is not actually that hard particularly if the board is small. All you need to do is to use a drill press to align the reference holes. Remember that the farther they are apart from each other, the easier it is to avoid misalignments in the rotation.

The next phase is regarded as a time-consuming step. First, you need to be extra careful in removing the protective sheet of one side of the board. It is recommended to do this at night or at least in a room because sunlight is a good source of UV light, and it can result to undesirable effects.

Then, align the artwork sheet with the circuit board and use a scotch tape to secure it. Place it under a transparent sheet and under a UV light for at least 15 minutes. If you wait a bit less, there will surely be substrate on the board. If you wait a bit more, you might end up washing off all the substrate during the acid bath.

Developing the printed circuit board is regarded as the coolest part of the whole process. You need to prepare a solution first to develop the PCB. You can use a clog remover mixed with water. However, there is always the possibility of overdoing it using a developer concentration. You can have the developer wash away all the etch-resistant substrate because of high concentration. Hence, be always sure to take note of the concentration that you are using so you can make the necessary adjustments.

Wear a pair of rubber gloves and immerse the circuit board in the developer and rub it with a foam sponge. Be very careful in this process because some clog remover solutions can melt away certain types of foams. Meanwhile, be sure to follow the etching process, which may take at least three to five hours.

After etching the circuit board, the next thing to do is to drill all the holes. As mentioned above, it is best to use a 0.31” drill bit alongside a tabletop drill press. This part is quite easy as the small copper vias can guide your drill into the holes.

Custom embroidered patches for your every need

Patches are decorative pieces of art. You’ll see them in clothes, bags, denims, and in various uniforms. There are some people who also collect embroidered patches. People use custom embroidered patches for different reasons. Here are some of them:

Uniform Patches –

patchesPatches are used by students in many schools and employees in different corporations. Wearing a uniform with a patch can boost a person’s morale especially when you are working for a top company or school. A person who wears a patch of his favorite team would also show some loyalty and dedication.

Martial Arts Patches –

For martial arts enthusiasts, wearing a patch, especially a black belt patch can make someone proud. People also regard someone who wears this patch as that would show what he has achieved or accomplished in the arts. It also help boost someone’s confidence.

Superhero patches –

Kids love these patches. Usually you’ll see superhero patches in school bags, clothes, jackets, pajamas, or in anything that kids wear. For patch makers and manufacturers, they should watch out what superhero movies or cartoon shows that are very popular so they can start producing it ahead of time and sell them when they see a demand for it.

Company Patches –

Businesses need patches to highlight their employees’ achievements or what they have accomplished. High quality company patches would also impress potential clients.

Sports Patches –

This is one of the most popular patches you’ll see almost everywhere. They can be found in jerseys, rucksacks, shoes, watches, t-shirts, jackets, and jeans. Sports enthusiast usually buy things with their favorite team on the patch. Baseball, basketball, football, soccer, and hockey. They have it all.

Military Patches –

The Air Force, Navy, Marines, and the Coast Guard use military patches. This is great for showing what rank you are in the organization. It would help boost your morale and confidence. Military custom embroidered patches will give you a sense of pride as well.

Space Patches –

Who says patches are only for sports or martial arts? There are custom embroidered patches for Space enthusiasts too! There are some for schools and for private companies. Don’t worry if you can’t decide which space object you want in your patch, you can actually work with designers at patch-making companies to help you decide. Just work with them and let them know how exactly you want the finish product to look like.

Woodstock Patches –

Who doesn’t remember the Woodstock? Woodstock was a music festival that brought many people from around the world to watch the greatest musicians that ever lived. Getting a Woodstock Patch would pay tribute to your favorite musicians. Get one now if you still don’t have it.  There is also a Woodstock cartoon character that you may be fond of. There’s a patch for him too. Cartoon patches aren’t only limited to superheroes.

Custom Embroidered Patches as souvenirs –

There are some parents who prefer to give out custom patches of their sons and daughters as birthday giveaways. They usually include the patches with a gift bag so kids would enjoy it more. So, patches aren’t only for clothes or bags, they can be given as souvenirs! And they’re great gifts too.

Patches as giveaways in marketing events –

One of the many purposes of embroidered patches is advertising. These pieces of art can also be used to hand out in marketing events. You’re promoting your product or service and at the same time creating awareness for another product or service. You’re like hitting two birds with one stone.

Patches serve many purpose. They can be used for personal or for business use. Whatever you need, there’s a patch for that.

Materials Used In Making ID Lanyards

Why is it important for you to know the materials used in making lanyards?

ID lanyards have become an item that states a company’s identity and the wearer’s personality. As the wearer, your lanyard carries the name of the organization you belong to. It also provides security personnel an idea of the company or institution you are affiliated with.

Others have used ID lanyards for their marketing strategy too. Most companies nowadays have used these during events–customizing lanyards to display their company name or brand. It has been used as giveaways or price items.

So why exactly is it important to know the materials used?

This is because each lanyard material is made specifically for wearers working in a certain environment.As ID lanyards are more used these days, it is best to also make sure that the ones you will be wearing and giving away fit the environment where it will be worn in most. First, it should be durable. If you are working with water around you, like in waterparks or ice plants, it is best to have lanyards made with materials that are good with water.

ID LanyardsIf you are working as a coach, it is best to use one that is good with moisture. Second, knowing the materials used in your lanyard will help you maintain it. You can easily wash without worrying about watermarks, and so on. Third, you don’t have to worry about prints getting washed away or fading fast if you are using lanyards for promotion.

There are materials used for such especially if you are having your company’s logo printed.

Materials Used

If you want to know the best ID lanyards you can use for a specific event, especially the materials it should be made of, here’s a list for you. Below are six of the most commonly used materials used in making lanyards.


Polyesters are the most common material used. Natural polyesters and some synthetic ones are biodegradable. While synthetic version of these does not provide a natural feel to the skin, it has certain advantage such as wrinkle resistance, durability and high color retention.

If you are offering lanyards for your business, customizing it is important. Polyester lanyards will do nicely for this job due to its resistance to color fading plus you can easily print your logo and company name.


The satin fabric is usually glossy on its surface but dull on the back. Due to its luster, it has become a widely used fabric for apparels like baseball jackets, athletic shorts, nightgowns, blouses and so on. This has also been used in making bed sheets due to its high number of floats.


Silk is one of the most highly used fabrics. It was first developed in China by Empress Leizu and has since then emerged as one of the most fashionable fabric to use. Silk is developed by using cocoons of silk moths.

Silk is used in making gowns and evening wear. It is also used in traditional clothing like in India and Mediterranean.

Braided paracord

The paracord is used by military. They are usually used for parachute suspension and for other safety tools. Using it for ID lanyards is another thing. While people pictures it as too large to be hung around the neck, what is really used is the braided paracord within. Yes, there are other cords inside the paracord we see and that is what’s used for lanyard making.

Selecting the Material

Before you buy an ID lanyard, it is best to check for the materials. Choose one that can help you print your organization or brand and is resistant to fading. You should also choose something light and moisture resistant or something that is light and dries easily (of course, depending on the environment it will be displayed and used). Selecting the material for your lanyard will help your promotion and use easier.

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8 Things That Every Seller and Buyer Should Learn

Selling and buying a property are two different things. But if they have one thing in common, that is the horror that they possibly have to go through just to meet their goals.

Let us help you learn the ins and outs of the real estate industry in a shorter time with these comprehensive facts.

What a seller should know:

1. You can get out of the listing agreement before it expires

There is always a minimum length of negotiation period when you sign up with a realtor to sell your real estate. This is typically set at ninety days, which is interpreted by many as the “you-have-to-suffer-with-a-bad-realtor-for-three-months” clause.

Real EstateThis is wrong. Although an agreement sets a time table, a seller is not bound by that clause because there are more important factors to consider, like the effectiveness of a realtor in selling your property. If you feel that your realtor is not doing his job properly and that more marketing strategies should have been tapped, you always have to power to fire him on the grounds of not meeting the goal of the agreement, which is to have your property sold.

2. Hidden fees are part of most agreements

It is a given that all realtors get a commission for every closed deal. This commission is normally set at 6%. However, aside from the amount deducted, you will also have to pay administrative and transaction fees, more or less.

The coverage of these fees varies from realtor to realtor and firm to firm. However, they usually include documentation and the representation of the firm on your behalf. Sellers are practically paying the firm for their reputation. These hidden fees can be taken out from the agreement if you know your rights, is a leading real estate website providing the best real estate deals in garden city, valley stream and tri-state which is one of the best property investment solution.

3. You choose whether to list your property or not

When a seller wants to sell his real estate, it does not automatically require getting into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Putting a property on the market sometimes doesn’t mean getting into the market circulation.

Why? Realtors have a lot of connections with other realtors and prospective buyers. There is no need for a property to get advertised if the realtor can immediately approach someone with the offer. There are also cases when a realtor would contact another realtor’s client and just split the commission between the two of them. This is one strategy that brokers in the real estate industry do to get more clients and sell properties faster. Two heads are better than one after all.

4. An open house is not a crucial part of marketing

Can you believe that among all the properties opened for showcase; only 11% are actually sold to attending potential buyers? This is according to the survey made by the National Association of Realtors. It is safe to say that you only have 11% chance of getting a buyer from holding an open house. It also means that you spend for food and entertainment for something that only has low return.

It’s the food and possible relaxation you can offer that many attendees want. Most of them are not really on the lookout for a real estate.

What a buyer should know:

1. Most realtors know little of the neighborhood

A realtor’s real concern is the property and not the neighbors. Checking out the community in the area is actually the job of the buyer. It’s futile to ask a realtor about the neighbors and the peace and order because you are almost guaranteed that he hasn’t talked to anyone in the area.

If you really want to know more about the neighborhood, do inspections with a friend or family member once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and another in the evening. It’s recommended to do three neighborhood inspections in short.

2. You can’t do everything you want in your own home

Owning a house doesn’t always give you the absolute freedom to do everything you want with it. Don’t get too excited in giving your final offer because you might end up in the wrong house.

Real EstatesDuring the negotiation, you should study the Transfer Disclosure Agreement very closely to learn the details when you move in. Some zoning problems might arise, problems that can stop you from executing your plans. There are strict rules by the homeowners association to be followed. There are requirements set by the city planning department that you are obliged to fulfill. There are other town or city ordinances that you have to consider. Most importantly, there are issues and conditions on right-of-way that are probably too inconvenient for you to follow.

3. Home inspectors usually work for realtors

Many prospective buyers won’t sign the deal without hearing what a home inspector has to say. Unfortunately, many of them are also too lazy to look for and hire an inspector they can trust, so they end up hiring the one the realtor recommended.

In reality, many home inspectors actually have partnerships with realtors. They are paid to give positive feedbacks. If you are not keen enough, you might end up getting caught between a charade that only the realtor and home inspector understand.

4. A lawyer is a bigger help than a home inspector

Signing a contract you don’t fully understand can give you a lifetime’s worth of headaches. There are a lot of pointless clauses in a contract that can waive your rights without you knowing it. Some contracts even waive your right to sue the realtor or the seller. Choice of word also makes a big difference, so don’t rely on what you understand because a lawyer’s understanding might be different.

Fund Raising with Custom Rubber Bracelets

Custom rubber bracelets have been a favorite option when it comes to fund raising. Gathering voluntary monetary contributions is no joke especially in these times when the economy is unstable. But these wristbands or rubber bracelets have helped a lot of schools, charities and non-profit organizations to reach their financial goals for their cause. The trendy, bright-colored bracelets are very easy to sell especially to the youth.

These rubber bracelets are very cheap and affordable. The higher the number of orders, the bigger the discount you can get since companies prefer to sell them in bulk. Therefore, it is a cheap option to help you and your organization raise funds.

Rubber bracelets or wristbands are also a very rewarding option for the cause of your fundraiser as it can also advertise and help raise awareness for your cause every time they are worn in public.

And you can be assured that these bracelets will be worn as they are very popular, especially among the youth. This is one of the reasons why selling them is not a difficult task to achieve.

Rubber bandOf course, just with any product, presentation is very important. These bracelets may be popular and trendy as is but having custom rubber bracelets make them closer to your cause and provide better promotion. There are a lot of companies that allow you to design your own bracelets. You can easily have the option to choose your color, font type, and slogan. If your cause is unique, and you have to start anew, it is best to stick with colors that will stand out so it can catch the attention of others.

Text is also important as you have the option to print anything when you order custom rubber bracelets. If you aim to raise money and more awareness, you can set up a website on your cause and have the address printed on the band. Although sometimes you will find that it is easier to sell rubber bracelets that do not have the names of your organization or cause. This is because people prefer to invest in something that they can use often. To counter this, you can simply print a catchy slogan that is related to your cause and if you want, print the web address of your side in the inner part of the band.

It will also be best to provide different colors or designs to allow your buyers to choose. Offering two or three designs of your custom rubber bracelets can easily increase the chance of making a sale. If your organization can handle it, do not simply sell bracelets. You can sell them as a ticket of admittance to an exclusive event or to a bigger show. This is a clever marketing strategy that will surely help you sell bracelets like hot cakes.

Timing is also important when you want to sell more. It is always best to hold a fundraiser in events as they easily assure you of a crowd. You can also sell in areas of high traffic such as sports events or in the mall. If you’re doing a fundraiser for school, you can always hold a program to showcase the student’s talents and insert somewhere in the program a slideshow of your cause or a special presentation and remind the audience that they can avail of custom rubber bracelets to support your cause. If you are a non-profit organization that fights for awareness of climate change, you can easily hold an exhibit in the mall and sell the bracelets in the venue. There are a lot of creative ways to generate a crowd that can potentially be your buyers.

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Functions of ID Lanyards in Different Organizations

These days, lanyards have become really common. It is normal for people to have their ID badges dangling from their necks on a small rope, with an imprint of the name of their school, company, or event. This is a proof that ID lanyards are popular in different kinds of industries because they have demonstrated a lot of uses.


The most important function of lanyards is the promotional aspect. People in the industry use this type of lanyard to convey a message to their customers. There is usually a custom print of the company’s logo and message so existing and potential customers will see them.

A lot of advantages come from it when lanyards are used as a promotional tool. It gives a marketing edge to the company, especially because the promotion is free or at a minimal cost. It generates awareness about the company and the product or service that it offers.

ID LanyardsID lanyards are cost-effective items because they can accomplish a lot of things with the company’s logo or event imprinted on them. The company can also opt to have a fancy design. Lanyards are definitely useful as they display the message of the company. In general, they are made from polyester and nylon, which can be conveniently used for printing the organization’s name and logo.

When using these items in advertising campaigns, they can have different accessories and attachments such as badge reels, thumb hooks, key rings, and mobile phone hooks.

Lanyards at Events

Lanyards can be used in most company activities and events, such as conferences, conventions, and seminars. Rather than being thrown away before the event is over, lanyards are mostly sought after and people keep and use them after the event as security pass holder or neck strap for their ID tag. This proves that lanyards perform their promotional function very well.

ID lanyards are also popular with other events such as tradeshows and fundraisers. Different organizations are using custom-designed lanyards more and more to publicize their name, logo, or message. Lanyards effectively serve their function because they are popular promotional freebie items at fairs and trade shows.

Sometimes, lanyards can be customized so as it can have the person’s name and the organization they belong to. Along with their identification, they can display their lanyards at a public event. Organizations can take care of their customized lanyards by indicating the color scheme and design.

Because of the growing popularity of cell phones, lanyards are especially relevant to the teen/youth market as lanyards can hold a cell phone and dangle around a person’s neck. Businesses often target these markets using ID lanyards as a marketing gift item at events.


Lanyards are really valuable in the industry for security identification. Because of major security concerns, ID holders and lanyards are used to display ID cards of organizations such as schools and businesses. Employee IDs, student IDs, and even visitor’s IDs use lanyards. Apart from employee identification, businesses also lanyards to hold ID badges and security cards to gain access to certain facilities in the company.

The importance of lanyards cannot be undermined. Their popularity is still increasing and they have become a vital component for displaying personal identification of many schools, medical centers, entertainment companies, businesses, government sectors, etc.

Clearly, ID lanyards have great value as a marketing tool. It can help a lot of organizations with their advertising efforts. The best thing about it is that lanyards are not as expensive as other items used for promotion. Furthermore, lanyards are not just for display because they are a practical item that people can use every day.

Creating Market Share With An Article Writer At The Helm

Every successful website that get a lot of attention online uses content. Content creation is the biggest thing that you are going to find to be a staple along the world of internet marketing. The traffic that these pages get is fascinating. Some of the top draws that you will see is in regards to huge conversion rates. Creating market share within the parameters of today’s search engine fueled optimization world requires difficult choices. Once you publish a website, you may think that you have all the pieces that are necessary to move forward. However, you’re going to find that there are elements in place that you have to deal with. For instance, you may find that within internet marketing there are no less than 20 to 30 pieces of content that you have to work with. That includes a great deal of writing. Without an article writer, you are not going to be able to see this up front.

From Zero To Grand Audiences

Article WriterLet’s assume that you start a site today. You will most likely have no audience. No one really starts with a great audience, with the exception of those that are coming from another industry. For instance, a celebrity may open up a website today, and they’ll get a lot of attention. However, you may not be a celebrity, therefore you are not going to get a lot of hits up front. To build attention, you are going to need to look into creating market share with the help of content marketers. One of the major people that you need to hire is an article writer. The writing of your page has to come into the fold up front. You don’t just need articles, you also need content pages. Every single page that you have on your website has to be written in a certain fashion. If you do not write these things out with SEO in mind, you will end up losing sight of the bigger picture. The goal here is simple, growing your audience.

Without Content, There Is No Traffic

Think about your favorite website right now. What’s the one site that you visit on a regular basis? In fact, write out a top 5. There are 5 sites that you may see a lot of attention with, and what do they display? No matter what page you are going to visit, no matter what your list is, you’re going to have a lot of content on those pages. From video, audio, infographics, or even blog posts, there’s a lot that goes into the top contenders in major websites that are getting attention. If you want to get to a place where your pages are getting a lot of traffic, you will need to work within content updates that draw in a lot of eyeballs. How does that work? Well, it starts with hiring an article writer, and then publishing a lot of writing to help bridge the gap between your brand and the people you want to target. Without targeting individuals interested in your niche, you’re going to find that things are difficult to manage. Simply put, without any content updates, you will not receive traffic to your website.

Focusing On The Right Keywords

Search the team keywords and you will see a lot of information on the subject. Keyword management is a good thing. However, you have to target the audiences that are searching for words. Keywords that you’re publishing within the writing that you are pushing on your site needs to bridge the gap moving forward. When you hire an article writer, they can create this component that will draw people from all corners of the internet, and bring through a conversion ratio that is quite high. A conversion ratio that is higher than 0% should be your goal. Focusing on the right phrasing, the write sentence structure, and powerful keyword uses will create a huge draw. If you’re going to conquer any industry, you need to focus on crafting pages that are within the boundaries of keyword placement, and you can’t do that alone.

Harnessing The Traffic That Comes Through

Once you establish a page, and you see traffic coming through. Look at the analytics. Make sure that you look at what is bringing people into your page. You’re going to find that the posts you create will have various drawing points. Use the keywords that are drawing people into your site as launching points for an article writer to create new content with. As you answer the audience’s questions, you will start to grow within the rankings of SEO. The more confident your content seems, the higher the chances are that you will see the conversion rate that you want. Whether you’re working with an affiliate website or you are building a custom brand, this is very crucial to understand moving forward.

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Types of Knits for Golf Shirts

A lot of people tend to interchange the terms “golf shirt” and “polo shirt” for a long time to refer to a classic design of the knit shirt with short sleeves, rib-knit collar and placket. In the fashion business, though, there are well-defined differences between the two kinds of apparel. Genuine golf shirts are recognized by their tailored collar, placket that separately stitches on, chest pocket and hemmed sleeves. Usually, the pocket can be found on the right part of real golf shirts. This is to prevent it from interfering with the golf players’ swing. Sleeves are amply measured with a length that drops just a little higher than the elbow. It goes without saying that the shirts possessing these characteristics are simply first grade.

Golf shirtsIn addition to the weight and the durability of the fabric material, there are more factors that further characterize this kind of shirts. The common preference goes with the shirt that contains more cotton due to its natural comfortable and breathable attributes. There are lots of varieties of knits, such as jersey, plaited jersey, pique mesh, interlock, and calendered jersey. The main difference is their construction, each created for its own specific purpose, and all appropriate for embellishment and embroidery.

Enumerated here are the different kinds of knits that are used in golf shirts:

1.Jersey Knit

This particular type is the least heavy among the 3 kinds of knit. Similar to the pique, jersey has a couple of different sides. The proper side displays vertical series of loops. These loops on the improper side tend to be wavy and run across. Jersey is firmly knit using fine wool and it is commonly the lowest priced knitting procedures. Jersey fabric is usually linked to its all-pervasive use in shirts.

2.Plaited Jersey

This one is a mix of cotton and polyester where almost all of the polyester is woven to the proper side and almost all of the cotton is woven to the improper side. It offers a dull finish and a soft hand to the improper side and a soft, smooth and glossy finish on the proper side. In general, a plaited jersey is 75 percent polyester, 25 percent cotton combination. The plaited cotton, in contrast, is normally 40 percent polyester, 60 percent cotton mix. Therefore, plaited cotton is going to be a little less glossy as compared to a plaited jersey.

3.Pique Mesh

Pique mesh, generally known as a Lacoste knit, features different proper and improper sides. The proper side is similar to a waffle or honeycomb, while the improper side is smooth and flat, just like jersey’s front. The pique features a rough, firm hand and typically employs fine wools. Even so, when thicker or heavier wools are employed to do the pique knitting, a bigger honeycomb result is attained.


The double-knit structure makes interlock the heftiest of the 3 knits. Its weave is similar on the two sides of the material. Its heaviness causes it to be a perfect cloth for customized embroidery, since it makes it possible for sewn patterns to retain the vast majority of their initial formation and appeal after a number of laundering. Despite the fact that there aren’t any special knit features, its tight weave provides the finest hand and the smoothest surface. It can have comparable cost in creating pique mesh.

5.Calendered Jersey

A calendered jersey could have a somewhat distinct look when compared to a standard jersey for the reason that material is pressed using rollers in order to make it look smaller and smoother. This knit also offers much less suppleness as compared to other jersey fabric used in golf shirts.

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Tracing the Origins of Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are small medallions that are usually given to military men. They normally contain a certain organization’s logo and motto. These coins also indicate a person’s membership to a particular group.

There are many stories telling how these coins have started. Some sources say that these items originated during the time of the Roman Empire. It has been said that Ancient Romans would award them to exceptional soldiers.

challenge coinsThe first challenge coins featured a specific legion’s logo to differentiate them from monetary coins. The reason for putting such containing special markings is to prevent soldiers from spending the coins. Legion authorities wanted them to keep the coins as souvenirs instead.

Another story argues that these coins started during the First World War. The story is all about an unnamed American pilot. It is believed that a rich squadron member gave bronze medallions to every pilot in his unit. The unnamed American pilot attached the given medallion in a small leather pouch and he placed it around his neck.

When the battle finally came, his fighter plane was shot down by the enemies. It landed in a German territory and the pilot was eventually captured by German soldiers. All the pilot’s belongings were taken away from him, except the pouch carrying the medallion.

When the British military besieged the area, he managed to escape. He later arrived in an area surrounded by French forces. They suspected him as a German spy and that’s why they detained him. To prove that he’s an American ally, he presented the bronze medallion containing his squadron’s emblem. The French soldiers recognized the emblem and it eventually stopped them from executing the pilot.

The incident made the soldiers realize the importance of the coin. After that incident, they started carrying medallions regularly. These coins later became tools for identifying them. The way they would present these medallions became known as “challenging”.

Some sources say that the concept of “challenge” using these medallions started during the Second World War. It is believed that the American soldiers in Germany would use these items to challenge each other. The one who can’t show his coin would often buy drinks for those who challenged him.

There are also several stories proving the relevance of these objects during WWII. It has been said that these items were used by the members of the Office of Strategic Services who were stationed in France for verification purposes. Another story explains that an American soldier would often show his silver medallion to Filipino Anti-Japanese Guerillas every time they will meet.

Giving and owning these items eventually became a norm among military personnel.One of the known military leaders who gave medallions to his fellow soldiers was Col. William “Buffalo Bill” Quinn. He gave one to each member of his 17th Infantry Regiment who served during the Korean War.

These medallions became even more popular after the wars. Those who are not part of the military were able to own these items too.Nowadays, even other government agencies (e.g. Congress) are giving these items to their members. Some US Presidents such as Clinton, Bush and Obama have received challenge coins from various people as well.Certain private companies and even non-profit organizations are also awarding these items to people who showed excellence in their field.

Analyzing their role in World History, it can be said that people continued using them for awarding achievers and identifying organization members.Since these items are now accessible to many, anyone can produce them. Today, there are many manufacturers specializing on creating customized challenge coins. People can also get them for an affordable price.

The Perks of Being a Keynote Speaker

Just like movie stars and famous singers and bands, keynote speaking comes with its own employees-only benefits that might not be directly stated in their job descriptions. These perks, although not present and available at all times, make the job more enjoyable and fulfilling for the speaker whose success comes from making meetings and gatherings successful.

1. Work only on special occasions

Keynote speakerIf one takes a look at the calendar of a keynote speaker, the only time they earn their money is when they attend conventions and meetings to talk. Their business strategies concentrate on getting invitations to deliver speeches at these gatherings; so this means that every time they “do their thing”, it is always during a big company event.

2. Directly Benefit from Business Expansion

Unlike other businesses, the moneymaker of a keynote speaker is the brain and the mouth. There are no stores or products that have to be upgraded or changed. It’s just the speaker. This means that any upgrade one will make for the business would also mean a personal upgrade at the same time. Dental repairs, Seminars, Haircuts, Spa Treatments, Facials and even movie tickets can be considered as business-related purchases because they are all aimed at improving the product; the speaker.

3. No Waiting for Salaries

Since a keynote speaking career is a business, the payment scheme no longer follows a standard bi-monthly or monthly pay-out. If one chooses, they can earn and get paid on a daily basis if the speaker works hard enough and gets plenty of invitations to speak at multiple gatherings.

4. No Bosses

The speaker does not answer to a boss that regularly monitors work. There are only clients to satisfy with each performance and speech. There are not monthly appraisals periods or performance surveys that require one to act nicer or work harder. Keynote speakers understand that they have to work hard all the time. This is why they do not need to worry about the biased opinions of bosses.

5. The opportunity to travel

Depending on the location of the gatherings one is invited to, a speaker might find themselves constantly on the go to make it to their meetings and speeches. Some of the most successful speakers make trips do different countries within the same week just to make it to their appointments.

6. Get to meet the movers and shakers

Speeches and gatherings give speakers a chance to meet and rub shoulders with company owners and CEOs. This chance could come in the form of meetings wherein these parties would talk about the central message of the gathering or even after the event to talk about observations and possible business opportunities in the future. The keynote speaker is then surrounded by successful people and in turn, learns more about how to become successful; this makes them a more knowledgeable resource person.

As alluring as these benefits sound, what truly satisfies the passionate keynote speaker is the opportunity to send a message to the people that can do something about the message being sent. It is the chance to make a difference and inform that really brings the satisfaction of a job well done. In their terms, nothing beats the joy of knowing that they have been heard and appreciated by the audiences they have addressed.

The benefits mentioned in this article simply serve as icing on the cake for a truly interesting yet rewarding career. One should not decide to become a speaker simply based on these perks but it should be done because one has a message that they need to share with people. This is what makes a speaker in the first place. This is what drives people to take this kind of job

First-rate Features of Live Chat for Websites that Exceed Users’ Expectations

communicationAs a program, live chat for websites possesses expert-engineered features that guarantee stable operations at all times. It delivers messages in a timely manner and maintains stability while running on webpages. Examples of high technology features that deliver satisfying results for clients include the following:

Cloud-based platform

Incorporating cloud systems is the future of modern-day software development. Cloud system is an external or remote storage location where programs operate instead of utilizing local resources like clients’ servers. Assigning an external storage site for programs means stability for chat platforms and websites. No need to install the chat program in the same server where the webpage is stored, leading to minimized server resource usage.

Pre-set responses and scripts

Live chat for websites helps save time by storing chat responses and scripts, particularly if agents need to type some sentences as part of the company’s standard script. Responses are saved within the chat platform’s database and can be pasted during conversation with the potential lead. Pre-saved responses include opening and closing spiels, product and service descriptions, and contact numbers.

Web-based dashboard for staff

Utilizing web-based agent dashboards lets people to manage chat without installing another program in servers or computers. A web-based program means it is accessible through web browsers as long as internet connection is available. This feature allows users to access their dashboards and manage chats wherever they go as long as browsers are installed in their devices.

Customization features

platformStanding out in a cutthroat industry like the internet requires businesses to appeal as unique as possible despite focusing on the same niche. This emphasizes the importance of branding for every element used on webpages. Live chat for websites has customizable features that benefit a company’s branding strategy. They can be branded by using the company’s color and logo.

Customizing chat boxes and platforms is simple even for companies using it for the first time. Clients who are not confident in their skills in personalizing their chat box can also ask the live chat company to carry out their branding strategies for their chat platforms. They must provide design details to help customers attain their preferred chat design.

Integration other communication form

platforms Self-managed chat systems’ common problem is missing an agent to handle messages for the day. Without a reliever, chat system will be offline and inaccessible for visitors. However, technological improvements led to integrating other communication modes for chat programs. For instance, visitors can send an email in case the chat system is offline. Through this solution, clients will be sure that they will receive inquiries from potential leads.

Aside from emails, chat platforms support call features for agents. Some visitors want to talk with the advertiser immediately after chatting with the online staff. This feature permits agents to connect visitors to the company through phone, which is a great way to save time and promote customer satisfaction. Knowing that someone is online to connect them with the advertiser will make them confident that they won’t wait in queue.

CRM system integration

Numerous companies use customer relationship management or CRM systems nowadays. Once a lead has been generated through live chat for websites, agents can update the CRM system for scheduled follow-up. CRMs integrate within the chat program to keep clients from off-dashboard access. CRM databases will be updated after several clicks and secure future business contacts.

Without a doubt, live chat for websites has all the high technology features that support its entire operation. It promotes streamlined lead generation campaigns and improves customer relationship due to their improved performance. These features are included with the system and developed with first-class program architecture to assure stability.